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Charges like grand larceny and theft have existed since time immemorial but these offenses have become serious with time. Lawyers discussing their VA grand larceny charge with Prince William clients conclude that there undeniably exist philosophical dimensions to the unexplainable desire over material possessions. More often you can find Prince William grand larceny clients reflecting on how they believed that the said property was rightfully theirs and so they intentionally took possession of the property. Such contentions are valid defenses.

Stealing is an act that challenges the ethics imbibed in a society. It is an indication that men are not satisfied no matter what they have, they always desire things that are in the possession of others. This attitude goes against the basic values of ethical behavior. A morally healthy society stands on the principles of remaining content with what you have and never coveting the possessions of others. However, with the drastic changes that society has come to endure, gone are the days of ethical behavior. Everyone is running a race, trying to lead by hook or crook. The thoughts of an average person are possessed by the desire to win. So how is today’s society measuring one’s success? Yes!! You guessed it right. Your success is measured by the wealth you have accumulated all these years. The number of offenders being involved in the offenses such as theft, and grand larceny is on the rise as individuals are provoked by the desire to accumulate wealth, say lawyers. As you know the root cause for this increase in grand larceny cases in Prince William is due to the desire to reach new economic heights with less work and less time.

Larceny or grand larceny is nothing but the act of stealing!! Theft and grand larceny are some of the common offenses in Prince William VA. Most Prince William VA clients assume grand larceny is a less serious offense as no violence is involved. 

Grand Larceny Lawyer VA

Your Prince William VA grand larceny lawyers will apprise you, that is not the way the law works, any action against the principles of natural justice becomes punishable. If one were to ever be incriminated for a VA grand larceny offense in Prince William VA, grave penalties can be imposed, warn VA lawyers.


A grand larceny charge in Prince William VA can bring you penalties that can be a serious felony and you may be imposed with jail time for one to twenty years. Your lawyers will tell you that while the law provides the penalties for the grand larceny charge in Prince William VA, it also gives you a hundred reasons to relax by stating that the grand larceny charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor based on the discretion of the judge. If you choose an efficient Prince William lawyer, your grand larceny can be dismissed. A thorough review of the facts of your grand larceny case will reveal perfect defenses to your experienced Prince William VA lawyer. You will be surprised to know from your Prince William VA lawyers that even mistaken identity has resulted in an acquittal in the Prince William VA courts. Other grand larceny defenses formulated by experienced lawyers that have worked in the Prince William VA criminal court is contending that the accused owned the allegedly stolen property or that he was in the process of paying for the property.


Regarding the grand larceny charge in Prince William VA, elements that require proper understanding is the owner’s belief that he/she owns the object and the act of taking it away by the accused in the belief that the said object belonged to him. Your Prince William VA lawyers will explain that one does not have the right to take or use property that does not rightfully or lawfully belong to him. The concept of ownership was conceived by the society and this concept has evolved along with the progress that the society has had to deal with, say VA Prince William lawyers. Proof that the accused took something that does not rightfully belong to him is crucial for the prosecution.

Though there can be no denying the fact that it is this sense of owning property that influences individuals to strive to work hard and prove themselves in society, you do not have the right to take property that belongs to another. The grand larceny lawyers in Prince William VA assert that the mere thought of owning material things influences a major part of the human population to keep committing crimes. Lawyers assert that this grand feeling to own things has resulted in an increase in stealing. When clients approach the VA grand larceny Prince William lawyers with doubts on how to deal with the charge, the VA lawyers begin the discussion with these Prince William VA clients stating, “Whether we like it or not, these laws have been created for our good and we are forced to comply with it.” The Prince William VA lawyers will assert that it is possible to find amazing defense strategies based on applying your facts to the existing legal provisions. Whenever a Prince William VA client with a grand larceny charge approaches our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C., our lawyers will get all the relevant details of the offense. After an in-depth discussion with the grand larceny client, our Prince William VA lawyers will accentuate the factors that are favorable to the client. Also, our lawyers focus on ascertaining how the favorable factors can be aggressively presented in court. Bear in mind, these charges are serious and require skilled defenses if you want to win acquittal.

Choose skilled lawyers who will take the time to speak to you and understand all the crucial issues connected to your grand larceny case. The lawyers with a winning attitude are the ones you should hire. Our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. are the ones you should contact.