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How To Defend Drug Charges?

Drug crimes are the most common VA crimes one can be charged in Prince William. Drug usage and distribution are rampant in Prince William requiring strict laws in place for preventing these crimes. Given the adverse impact drug usage has on society and the increasing number of drug addicts in Prince William, there is a dire need to have strict regulations for prohibiting drug usage. Law enforcement officers in Prince William are keen on stringently implementing these VA laws, say lawyers. These VA laws are complex and can never be understood without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Our Prince William lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. can provide you with guidance and can tell you how to win acquittal.

The critical issue in a drug charge is most offenders in Prince William are unaware as to how serious the VA charge is, say lawyers. The accused initially assumes this to be a petty charge and fails to take the assistance of a VA criminal defense lawyer. However, it is worth noting that these offenses bring grave penalties with extremely high fines and a lengthy period of jail time. When the investigation begins and a hearing is conducted in Prince William, the accused will be shocked by the penalties imposed and will regret not consulting a Prince William lawyer about the VA charge.

Prince William Drug Laws VA

It is important to contact a VA lawyer immediately on being charged in Prince William. The accused caught for VA drug charges fall under different categories. Experienced Prince William lawyers can support clients with high-quality legal advice regardless of the category of the offense or type of offender.

Some clients in Prince William have no idea about how serious the VA offense is and agree to be part of the transaction. Such VA defendants should be extremely careful in their conversations with law enforcement in Prince William and should immediately seek the assistance of the VA lawyers.

There is another important category of VA clients, those who are fortuitously found at the place of occurrence of the crime in Prince William. The presence of such clients is accidental but you need a proficient VA lawyer to prove that in Prince William court. Conviction of these clients is a blatant failure of the criminal justice system. These defendants in Prince William neither had the intention, nor knowledge. Sadly, such clients in Prince William do not have any monetary gain from the transaction but have been arrested and convicted for a crime they did not commit. A major part of VA clients accused of drug crimes fall under this category says skilled Prince William lawyers. Despite not having intention and knowledge, it is pathetic that these clients will also be arrested by the law enforcement officers in Prince William, who believe what they see at the place of crime. These VA officers are keen to perform their duty and fail to observe the actual happenings at the place of crime and proceed to arrest those present at the crime scene in Prince William. Several clients are thus arrested and penalized for no mistake of theirs. You require representation by an aggressive Prince William lawyer to prove that your presence at the VA crime scene was merely a coincidence. No one is going to simply rely on your statements and acquit you. The VA drug law requires persuasive representation by a skilled Prince William lawyer to prove your innocence in court.

Every lawyer you meet in Prince William is going to caution you against providing any statements to the police. When one is arrested for a drug crime in VA, the feeling of being intimated automatically sets in. The police officers may claim that they did not threaten the accused in any manner. Regardless of what the officers may assert, the glaring truth is that the mere presence of officers, their uniforms, weapons, the authoritative language they use, intimidates the accused. The accused feels isolated, powerless, and overwhelmed when surrounded by such authority. In most instances, law enforcement officers bring paperwork to the accused and the paperwork consists of complicated legal language explaining the drug charge. Given the complex language used, the accused in Prince William rarely understands the meaning of the drug charge and gives in to the pressure of being interrogated by uniformed officers, and provides an incriminating statement that can end him up in jail.
Another common defense used by VA lawyers is entrapment. This means a VA client was forced to be part of a drug transaction due to the compulsion and intimidation of a person in power. If your lawyer is able to successfully prove in court that you would never be part of the drug charge, if not for the intimidating tactics of a person holding high authority, then your drug case will be dismissed on the basis of abuse of power.

Even if you are guilty of a drug charge, a common technique adopted by lawyers in dealing with drug offenses is proposing a beneficial plea deal to the prosecution. On knowing about plea deals, clients often believe they can work out an advantageous deal by themselves without expert guidance from lawyers. This belief is baseless. A defendant cannot arrive at a favorable plea deal without the support of an experienced lawyer who knows how the prosecution deals with drug cases. When your lawyer aggressively negotiates a plea deal, with thorough knowledge of the existing VA drug laws, the chances of getting a favorable deal are high. As part of plea deals, skilled VA lawyers will negotiate for a lesser sentence and if your drug case is fit for treatment, your lawyer will persuade the prosecution and the judge to order treatment for deaddiction instead of long imprisonments.

Another common defense is the defendant completely denying that he had drug possession, once such denial of drug possession is made, the burden of proof shifts to the prosecution. To know more such defenses, contact our VA lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C., and get an acquittal.