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Essential Pointers to Perfect Defenses

If one is arraigned in Prince William County for a criminal offense the sense of normalcy fades away and a series of unfortunate events are instigated. Life suddenly seems to have become chaotic. As a result, the defendant in Prince William County feels disoriented and is overwhelmed with indecisiveness. During these challenging times, taking instructions from criminal lawyers becomes crucial. A crime is considered to have been committed either by the commission of acts that are prohibited by the law or by the omission of acts mandated by the law, say the criminal lawyers in Prince William County VA.

As a first step, get your priorities in line. Obtaining dismissal of the charge is the foremost priority. At this point, one cannot afford to suffer the consequences of improper defenses. It is vital to identify the perils of weak defense strategies. Hiring experienced defense lawyers is as important as providing the criminal attorneys with a clear picture of the incidents that lead to the charge in Prince William County VA.

Tips for Crime Classification

It is crucial for an accused in Prince William County to be apprised of the criminal procedure in VA. A criminal charge may be either a felony or a misdemeanor in Prince William County, VA. A misdemeanor is a less serious crime in Prince William County with punishments of jail time of not more than one year and/or a possible fine. The circumstances of the charge will determine the classification of the offense. If charged with a misdemeanor in Prince William County VA, one should immediately set the record straight with proficient assistance from Criminal lawyers.

A felony is a serious crime that may be punished with penalties as serious as death or life imprisonment. Whatever the charge may be, contact the criminal lawyers for framing appropriate defenses in Prince William County VA. The VA criminal lawyers at the Law Office of SRIS, P.C. will guide through the criminal procedure.

By retaining the criminal lawyers with the exceptional blend of legal acumen, prudent judgments, and resolute determination to win the case in Prince William County VA, one can rest assured of extraordinary results.

Less Serious Offenses Misdemeanors

Reckless driving – The criminal lawyers in Prince William County VA will acquaint you with salient information about reckless driving in VA. Reckless driving may be imposed in Prince William County, VA if the accused was found to be:

  • Driving above 80 miles per hour, irrespective of the speed limit orf
  • Driving 20 miles per hour or exceeding the speed limit.

Be apprised by the criminal lawyers that being charged with reckless driving in Prince William County VA is a common occurrence in VA due to today’s fast life. An acquittal can be afforded only on hiring VA criminal lawyers with prior experience in representing reckless driving clients in Prince William County. Hiring VA criminal lawyers who are familiar with the VA trial court procedures in Prince William County can offer exemplary defenses.

DUI The criminal lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will layout the law about the DUI charge. A DUI charge in Prince William County may result in a conviction. The VA Criminal lawyers will assess the case to scrutinize whether procedural standards were adhered to by police officers in Prince William County VA. Also, the VA criminal lawyers in Prince William County, VA will work towards disproving any evidence indicating guilt and will draw together evidence of innocence.

Possession of small amounts of drugs To be equipped with relevant information about drug offenses in Prince William County VA, speak to the criminal lawyers. The lawyers will also tell you that the possession of small amounts of drugs in Prince William County VA may be considered a misdemeanor based on the quantity of drugs.

Remember to contact the Criminal lawyers at The Law Office of SRIS, P.C. for any misdemeanor charge and be advised of the most suitable defenses. Our skilled criminal lawyers will examine the procedure of the arrest in Prince William County VA and will construct strong defenses based on possible procedural dereliction.

Grave offenses

To know the consequences of a felony offense in VA, retain the criminal lawyers who are equipped with prior experience in winning felony charges in Prince William County. What follows is a short brief about some of the felony charges in Prince William County VA:

Assault and battery – The VA lawyers will inform that assault and battery may be charged when the defendant commits a physical act against another. Any “inappropriate unlawful touching” of another is also considered assault, say VA lawyers. By working with VA Criminal lawyers, one can make sure that the charge in the Prince William County locality is combated with a suitable defense.

Arson – Arson is a very serious property offense that not only destroys property but may also cause injury and the loss of life in Prince William County, VA. If one is charged with arson in Prince William County VA, do not delay the defense building process, immediately contacting the criminal lawyers is advisable

Credit card theft, money laundering, abduction, burglary, homicide in the Prince William County area are considered felony offenses and require solid defenses by proficient VA criminal lawyers.

Child pornography offense such as possession of the prohibited images is a Class 6 felony. The VA criminal lawyers in Prince William County will apprise that it is important to prove that the child is a minor. The prosecution establishes the age of the child in the picture by comparing the said image with a database that is maintained.

For serious charges in VA, like multiple felony charges, one will require the assistance of criminal lawyers in Prince William County who specialize in these types of distinct criminal cases in VA. The vigorous defense of such persuasive criminal lawyers decides the outcome of the charge in VA.

Hiring defense lawyers is an important step in protecting your rights and obtaining an acquittal in Prince William County VA. Criminal defendants innocently believe that conviction is the only consequence of a criminal conviction. Only on consulting the criminal lawyers, one realizes that the consequences can be extremely traumatic in Prince William County VA.

If you are apprehended for a single charge or several charges in Prince William County, it is essential to seek the opinion of experienced criminal lawyers. These criminal lawyers will confirm that you receive the best probable defense in the case. The criminal lawyers at The Law Office of SRIS, P.C. Prince William County employ specific defense strategies. The strategies are specifically framed by our proficient lawyers with the goal of establishing reasonable doubt or prove your innocence in Prince William County. Such defenses by our lawyers are aimed at dismissal or reduction of pending criminal charges in VA.

Criminal Lawyers Prince William County VA

Family Violence Offenses and Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a crime to harm, trying to harm, or make threats to a member of your family or household. If a police officer in VA has probable cause to consider that an individual has committed a physical attack against a family or household member or violated a protective order, the police officer can arrest without a warrant. A protective order is a legal order prohibiting further acts of criminal abuse.

Protective Orders or Restraining orders

These orders are important because they

  • Forbid acts of abuse or criminal offenses.
  • Forbid physical contact with the allegedly abused individual, family or household members, and children.
  • Forbid other contacts, including phone, email, text, or social media messages.

Domestic violence lawyers will let you know all insights in Protective Orders in Prince William VA. There are three kinds of Protective Orders in William County that can shield you and others in your family or home.

Preliminary Protective Order – A preliminary protective order can be issued through a court order. The preliminary order is valid awaiting a hearing from 15days to six months.

Emergency Protective Order– An emergency protective order may be issued when there is immediate probable danger of further acts of family abuse.

Permanent Protective Order – A protective order can impose firm conditions on the alleged abuser. A Permanent protective order remains valid for a set period, up to two years.

Innocent people can be detained for domestic violence for acts that occurred accidentally. At times the victim may have initiated the violence or it could even be an imaginary narrative. In these conditions, it is crucial to contact trained domestic violence lawyers in Prince William County VA to help them resolve the criminal matter.

On working with criminal lawyers in Prince William County, you will be acquainted with the procedures connected with protective orders. The VA lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS P.C., in Prince William County, are affable and can present all details of the criminal charge in simple language.

Defending and Dismissing Protective Orders

The attorneys in VA have handled complex problems requiring forceful arguments for the dismissal of protective orders. A typical protective order case consists of the following facts:

At times, it can be a situation where the accused was actually defending but has been falsely portrayed as the aggressor or it can be a situation where the other party happened to call the police first. The professional Prince William County lawyers will prepare you thoroughly with the goal of disproving all allegations in the protective order case.

Self-defense is accepted when the accused admits to committing assault and battery but states he/she was acting in self-defense. In such cases, the accused also provides proof in support of his claim that the alleged victim acted violently and that such violence induced violence from the accused as a means of protection due to reasonable fear of bodily injury, sexual assault, or death.

During the hearing, the accused in Prince William County VA is required to provide a reasonable explanation to the court as to what efforts he/she took to remain safe before resorting to violence. Beat the criminal charge with the adept legal assistance of the criminal lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Hire our criminal attorneys for suitable criminal defenses and get acquitted.

Tips To Understand Drug Crimes

The criminal lawyers will relate to you that a prohibited drug in William County is a substance listed in the schedules of the VA Code. Be apprised by the VA criminal lawyers in the Prince William County area that the seriousness of the charge depends on the schedule under which the drug is placed.

The lawyers in Prince William County will inform you that drugs under schedule I, is risky and likely to be addictive. These substances are not approved for medical purposes. These lawyers will elucidate that the list includes LSD, ecstasy, and heroin. If you are charged in Prince William County VA with possession of schedule I substances, contact the criminal lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. immediately.

Addiction Causing Drugs

Know from the VA lawyers in Prince William County that the drugs in schedule II are susceptible to abuse and may cause severe addiction. Be updated by the lawyers that these substances do cover some medical purposes in Prince William County. These include Morphine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), Ritalin, PCP, and cocaine. If you are accused in the Prince William area VA of possession of schedule II substances get in touch with the criminal lawyers in VA.

Drugs that come under schedule III are less likely to be abused as compared to drugs listed in schedule II and have been approved for medical purposes in Prince William County. The lawyers will disclose to you that the list includes anabolic steroids, codeine, barbiturates, and depressants such as Klonopin, Valium, Rohypnol, and Phenobarbital. If you are accused of possession of schedule III drugs contact the criminal lawyers in VA for applicable defenses.

Drugs that come under schedule IV are prescribed drugs that are approved for medical purposes but are also liable for addiction. These include Darvon, valium Xanax, and other tranquilizers and sedatives such as Ativan and Ketamine. If one is charged with possession of schedule IV drugs contacting the criminal lawyers in VA will turn to be advantageous.

Drugs that come under schedule V are used for medicinal purposes but hold some degree of risk of abuse and addiction. These include cough medicines. If you are charged in Prince William County VA with possession of schedule V drugs, speak to our criminal lawyers.

Drugs that come under schedule VI are not actual drugs but are abused recreationally. These include inhalants such as Amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and nitrous oxide (found in many types of aerosol cans). If one is charged in Prince William County VA with possession of schedule VI drugs contacting the criminal lawyers is crucial.

Although categorized as a schedule I drug by federal law, marijuana possession does not come under these six categorizations in VA. It is measured as a misdemeanor with its consequences. If you are charged in Prince William County VA with possession of marijuana, contact the criminal lawyers to know the current position of law.

Any individual accused of a drug crime in Prince William VA deserves to be provided with the right to defend oneself. Do not hesitate to contact our criminal lawyers immediately for guidance.

Illegal Drug Activity

Drug Possession : Possession occurs when an individual possesses any drug without a valid prescription or through other authorized means. The legal description of drug possession only requires you to possess the substance “within your control.” This states that you could be considered in possession of the drug if it is found in the car speaker compartment or on a shelf in your house, or in a box under your table and not required to be holding any drug in your hands or baggage. If you are held in Prince William VA for possession charges do contact criminal lawyers.

Drug Distribution and Trafficking : This category includes selling, delivering, or providing drugs unlawfully. Distribution is charged for dealing with lesser amounts of drugs, while trafficking is charged for larger quantities. If you are facing distribution and trafficking charges contact The Law Office of SRIS, P.C. criminal lawyers in Prince William VA.

Drug Manufacturing : Manufacturing occurs when an individual produces drugs without legal authorization or possesses chemicals used in the manufacture of any drug with an objective to manufacture. With the effective assistance of the Criminal lawyers in Prince William VA, one can ensure excellent defense strategies for drug manufacturing charges. A criminal charge in William County can seem to be frightening but with skilled VA lawyers by your side, you can easily obtain dismissal.

The criminal lawyers at The Law Office of SRIS, P.C, can provide adept assistance in Prince William County. You need to accept that the criminal lawyers are not here to judge. Their focus is your acquittal by making use of brilliant defense strategies. The VA criminal lawyers will unrelentingly fight the case to obtain favorable orders in the Prince William County region. If there is a possibility of acquittal from the charge in Prince William County, the same will be accomplished.



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